About Royal Travancore FPC

The Farmers Producer Company

Royal Travancore Farmers Producer Company under the Ministry of Company Affairs, Government of India - Registered as a Farmers Producer Company in May 2021 under the Company Amendment Act.

The Farmers Producer Company, on the other hand, is a community of farmers who bring excellence to the community through economic, educational and agricultural development.

From collection of agricultural crops and seeds to sowing, care of agricultural seeds, use of organic fertilizers, agricultural equipment and marketing. Availability of farm machinery Provide fuel for operation of farm machinery and vehicles, marketing of agricultural crops, experience of producer markets, establishment of agricultural supermarkets, education of farmers and children, establishment of educational institutes by agro-micro. Provide necessary credit facilities to farmers (agricultural loans, gold mortgage loans, real estate loans).

In a way that enhances the economic habits of the farmers

- Become a part of economic projects, thereby ensuring the financial liability of the country (RD, FD) and in addition to the manufacture of agricultural machinery and industrialization of essential commodities.

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5 year plan

[2021 to 2024]

(Royal Travancore Farmers Producer Company Limited 5 year plan)

  • Establish offices of Royal Travancore Farmers Producer Company in all parts of Kerala (78 branches).
  • Launch of 250 supermarkets across Kerala (Malabar Farmers Supermarket)
  • In 3 years - Grant farmers 150,000 membership and become permanent members of royal Travancore farmers producer company
  • Provide permanent employment to 3000 people
  • Bring in `156 crore direct business of 78 branches
  • Give business turnover of over Rs 600 crore to supermarkets
  • Introduce insurance policy for all members, thereby becoming the leading policy end in Kerala.

5 year plan

  • Start Farmers' Chicken Stalls with 500 Branches in Kerala.
  • Emphasis is placed on the sale of members' agricultural produce in supermarket.
  • 10% farmer support in Kerala - Achieve Royal Travancore Farmers Producer Company in 3 years
  • Look at the availability of goods in the supermarket and manufacture the required goods on an industrial basis
  • Receive timely assistance to NABARD Farmers Producer Company from Government of India and State Governments and provide assistance to farmers.
  • Conduct agricultural seeds, seminars and awareness classes every month to ensure government and public participation.